FMX: The Revolutionary Anti-Fouling Membrane System

FMX is a new anti-fouling membrane system based on the simple, yet innovative concept of using vortices to prevent fouling of the membrane for high density, high viscosity, and high solid applications. FMX has been used for wastewater treatment, separation and dewatering in manufacturing processes and recovery (reuse, recycle) applications in various industries, such as digestate & livestock waste, food & beverage, biotech, chemical, mining, and oil & energy.

It is BKT’s continuing mission to challenge the limitations of membranes and create innovative and lasting technical advantages to suit our clients’ unique needs.

What is FMX?

  • A revolutionary membrane filtration system that uses high-speed vortex generation to reduce fouling
  • Ideal solution for separation, concentration, recovery, de-watering, reuse, and/or treatment applications
  • Successful track record in challenging applications
  • A full range of models and membranes (MF, UF or NF) are available to satisfy our clients’ demands

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Processing & Manufacturing: Improve your product yield, decrease processing time…
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Recovery & Reuse: Recover sell-able by-products, reuse process waters…
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