Digestate Treatment and Nutrient Recovery

Want to increase your digesters profitability? Turn your waste into liquid fertilizer!

A 6 megawatt anaerobic digester in the Netherlands installed 3 FMX units for the treatment of digestate. Prior to FMX, the facility had a tubular membrane system installed, but due to the difficult characteristics of the digestate, the tubular system was fouled beyond recovery within 3 months.

The first full scale industrial installation of its kind, the FMX has been proven to effectively and reliably treat digestate. At this installation the FMX is used as a pretreatment to remove suspended solids prior to a spiral RO system. The RO can then be used to provide clean water for reuse onsite, while concentrating the nutrients for sale as a fertilizer.

Not only does the FMX provide a reliable and consistent RO pretreatment, but the concentrated biomass from the FMX can be returned to the digester. By returning the FMX concentrate, the biogas facility has reported up to a 20% increase in biogas production. In addition, the returned biomass helps maintain a more stable digester, decreasing operational downtime of the whole operation.

Full Scale Digestate Treatment with Nutrient Recovery

Digestate Treatment Pilot Test Video

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